The global population of older persons is expected to grow with rapid speed to 2.4 billion in 2050. As such, it is important to create an effective platform for knowledge-exchange on how to apply constantly-evolving ICTs to meet the needs of rapidly ageing populations.

APEC-OECD International Joint Workshop on ICT for a Silver Innovation/Economy (Ageing Society) and People with Special Needs (Disability) aims to discuss how ageing societies can be made more fruitful, through activities in various fields such as healthcare and telework. This project was launched with the support of several APEC and OECD members, and case studies are now being conducted by Korea, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Japan, and Sweden.

The OECD workshop “Anticipating the Special Needs of the 21st Century Silver/Ageing Economy: Smart Technologies and Services Innovation” will be hosted by Waseda University in Tokyo Japan on September 12th-13th, 2012 with the support of the Japanese government (MIC Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Economy) as well as many NGOs and academia. UNESCO and ITU are also supporting the workshop along with other international and ICT organizations.

The APEC workshop on “ICT Applications for People with Special Needs (seniors and people with disabilities)” to be held in September 13th-14th, 2012 will be hosted by Waseda University as a part of an APEC funded project. This program is supported by Japanese Ministries of Internal affairs and Communication; Economy, Trade and Industry; Health and Welfare; and Foreign affairs as well as UNESCO UNITWIN and International Academy of CIO.

Workshops' Objectives

The workshops aim to analyze how APEC and OECD countries are taking advantage of the advances in ICTs to enable innovation of services for the elderly in sectors such as health and nursing care, education, transportation, and urban development. The workshop will discuss lessons learned from country studies, the balance between horizontal innovation policies and more targeted measures including the enabling frameworks; and, on the basis of this work, draw good practices and policy conclusions.

Workshops' Overview

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