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Prof. Dr. Toshio OBI    
Status / Institution / Degree
Status : Professor
Institution : Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Degree : Ph.D.(Science in GITS), Waseda University Field of Specialization:
Global ICT industry, e-Government, Asian business, company analysis, CIO, Ageing society
Research Theme:
e-Government, CIO, International Negotiation
          Deputy Director
  Dr. Naoko Iwasaki Professor, Waseda University
          Member of Researchers
  Dr. Toshio OBI Professor, Waseda University
  Dr. Kiyohide HIGUCHI Professor, Waseda University
  Dr. Yukio Kawamura Professor, Waseda University
  Dr. Tatsuyuki NEGORO Professor, Commerce
  Dr. Shujiro Urata Professor, Waseda Unviersity
          Advisory Board of APEC e-Government research center
  Dr. J.P. Auffret   Director, Center for Advanced Technology Strategy; Professor, George Mason University-USA
  Dr. Yang Professor and Dean, Beijing University-China
  Dr. Suhono   Professor and Director, Bandung Institute of Technology- Indonesia
  Dr. Magno   Professor and Director, De La Salle University-Philippines
  Dr. Lim Swee Cheang Professor, National University of Singapore
          Visiting Researchers
  Naoko Mizukoshi Lawer
  Dr. NGUYEN, Manh Hien Institute of e-Government, Waseda University
          Researcher Assistant (PhD Students)
D3   Bandaxay Lovanxay    
D3 Pingky Dezar
D3   Giguere James Young    
D3   Masaru Fujino    
D2   Yang Yao    
          Master Students
M2-2   Fayiz Saifurahman
M2-1   Zhou Xing Yuan

e-Government Ranking
No Countries Score
1  Singapore 93.80
2  USA 93.58
3  Denmark 91.25
4  UK 90.17
5  Korea  89.39
6  Japan 87.77
7  Australia 86.30
8  Estonia 84.87
9  Canada 81.45
10  Norway 79.63

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