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ITS Japan News: Japanese Government launches “ITS task force”  
The IT Strategic headquarters of the Japanese Government launched in September 2010 task forces in the fields of "e-Government" and "e-Health", as well as "ITS" according to the working schedule of the "New IT Strategy" released in May 2010.

With respect to ITS, the "ITS task force" researches and examines the policies for promoting "Green ITS" and "Cooperative Safety Support Systems". The team consists of the Vice minister and parliamentary secretaries of the relevant ministries, together with researchers of traffic engineering and information technology, including Mr Hajime Amano, President of ITS Japan. They are set to complete the road map by the end of March 2011.

In terms of "Green ITS", following the discussion on the traffic congestion mechanism and behavioural changes influenced by the information provided, the task force will verify the methods of simulating and evaluating the effects of integrated probe data from the public/private sectors. It will also researche and investigate operational models, taking into consideration the appropriate cost sharing, operation body, incentives for information suppliers, protection of personal information etc. to make a road map with the scope of implementation and deployment. Strong leadership by the government is necessary for the achievement of these goals, as the coordination amongst different stakeholders and the establishment of a business model are the keys to success.

Regarding "Cooperative Safety Support Systems", the ITS task force members are working on a road map for the international harmonisation and scenario of the system development and deployment. The task force will also focus on technologies intended to solve the various safety problems in community areas in relation to vulnerable people and pedestrians at intersections and streets.

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